BB Frösch Premium Finishing wax 220ml

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Product Description

Available in Clear or Dark, BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax contains a unique, environmentally friendly blend of waxes that naturally enhances chalk-painted surfaces as well as bare or stained wood.

Toluene-free and low aromatic, BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax dries quickly, cures harder, and provides significant advantages over many traditional waxes.

It’s buttery texture allows for even application using either a specialty wax brush or lint-free wax cloth.

Can be buffed to desired sheen within minutes and provides a depth of finish that enhances and protects your surface.

Available in Clear or Dark.

►►►►►► HEAT NOTICE◀︎◀︎◀︎◀︎◀︎◀︎
Wax may melt and leak slightly during shipping, especially in the warm/hot months (we ship from Las Vegas, so even when you are cold, we are in the desert...)

Rest assured, your wax will return to it's buttery state without any problems, and it's amazing properties will not be adversely affected in any way!

BB Frösch Premium Finishing wax 220ml

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