Our aim is always to bring you high quality products. Our pieces have had hours of love poured into them and a whole lot of patience. Restoring old pieces can be challenging and often they may still show signs of their age. Even though they come with our stamp of approval (literally) viewing is always encouraged. When history is available on a piece then know we will always tell you.

A little about us......

We are a husband and wife team obsessed with giving new life and love to old pieces of furniture.

It is not unusual to find us coffee in hand - three kids in tow - moseying through trash and treasure shops and junk yards. This is often where we source our reclaimed timber for signage, many of our little pieces used in styling and that special piece that can go from old to new with some hard work and patience.

From crazy unexpected drive by finds, to unwanted pieces online and even pre-loved purchases we are constantly building a garage full of beautiful vintage pieces desperate for some love and attention. Occasionally there are some ‘not so vintage’ pieces that we simply cannot pass up. Naturally they always end up with a vintage look.

We also do commission pieces, working closely with clients to help bring that special piece back to life. Working with some beautiful paints like ‘Fusion Mineral' and 'BB Frosch chall paint powder' you are sure to find a finish and colour that you love. We can do the hard work and bring your vision to life....and if you don’t have a vision yet, we will create one for you.

Generosity is key for us. Choosing to give and make it a part of everything we do brings deep levels of fulfilment and purpose to our lives. We are deeply committed to donating re-loved pieces to families in genuine need - ‘not so vintage’ OR the real deal. If you have items to donate or know someone in need of something we would love to hear from you.

We will only exist through the appreciation of people embracing what we do. Finding value in the time, love and many hours it takes to turn something from ‘old to new’. So why not follow us on Social Media, share our site with your friends and when you love something enough to buy it - consider it.

Dave and Em